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Meet our official reporters …

The first task for the editorial team was to interview each other and find out all they could about their new colleague.

Toms hates the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Does Toms have no taste or is Pablo just an old face? Toms said: “I hate Pablo Picasso because his paintings are odd.” But isn’t that the point? Toms also hates hockey, football and basketball but is favourite sport is ice hockey.  by Chloe

Terrified of clowns and wax people, Yousef can hold his breath for 40 seconds. Furthermore, his favourite food is Lion Bars and his favourite drink is lemonade. He has been on holiday to Blackpool and Alton Towers and has been to four countries: Egypt; Lebanon; Cyprus and America. He is also scared of skunks and squirrels. He can play the guitar. His favourite sport is basketball. He can speak three different languages: Arabic; Swedish and English. His favourite time in school is lunchtime.  by Danny

Ellee is very good at art but that’s not all there is to her. Ellee is very popular with year six, even though she is in year five, and her friends include Faithfull, Lea and Ellie. Ellee has lots of opinions to share for instance she thinks that her school could improve the learning curriculum. In the past Ellee has had a political career and been a school councillor. In the future Ellee says she would like to be a teacher. In her spare time Ellee likes to listen to jazz and enjoys art. Ellee’s favourite thing to draw is landscapes and she says she is at peace with the world. Ellee has been to Bulgaria, she said: “This was the best holiday. It was sunny and we went to the beach. Pizza is Ellee’s favourite food. She also likes chocolate cake and party food. Ellee has a brother. She also likes animals and says she wants a dog as a pet.  by Malachi

Danny. Want to know who that is? Well tough, you have to, as this report outlines the highs, lows and fears in the young man’s life. Fears: Danny’s fears are clowns and oxen. His fear of oxen was awoken when they charged at him at Flamingo Land. The young trooper used a shield to fend off the beast. He says: “I was just doing my duty as a soldier.” Then he did the right thing and ran. His other fear, which is clowns, was found when he was two, when he watched the film It. He says: “It’s not the facepaint or the red nose I’m scared about, it’s the flower on the shirt.” by Yousef

Umama likes to listen to Chris Brown. She is ten years old and also likes to play squash because it is fun. Her favourite food is fish and chips. She wants to be a GP when she is older because her mum is a GP. Umama has been on holiday three times. She doesn’t like English lessons and hotdogs: they’re boring. She has one brother and two sisters and she likes them all because they really care about her. The most unusual thing about Umama is that she likes to play rounders and squash. by Alan

A person who is scared of tarantulas and mosquitoes is Alan. Alan is ten and loves playing tennis, basketball and football because they are all fun and extremely good for your health. Alan has been on holiday to Sweden with his mum, dad and two sisters. He doesn’t like science because it’s boring but most of all he hates girls – he thinks they’re annoying and scary. His favourite film is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and his favourite songwriter is Chris Brown. by Umama

Melissa enjoys scary movies – her favourite is The Devil Inside. She is ten years old and lives with her mum, dad, five sisters and three brothers. Unlike most girls Melissa likes to play football and is good at goalkeeping. Melissa can speak a lot of languages, for example, she can speak Arabic, English, Spanish and French. When she is older Melissa would like to be a journalist because she can get lots of free things. One thing Melissa doesn’t like to do is play rugby – she doesn’t know why but she just doesn’t like it.  by Sana

Malachi loves going on holidays with his best friend and his loving family members. He is ten years old and loves doing literacy and PE. When he was a child he learned to horse ride on his own and is certainly a remarkable role model. As well as a caring family, Malachi has great taste in food and his yummy favourites are pizza and fried chicken. Without a doubt he loves cats and fish. by Ellee

How could a confident ten-year-old be scared of racoons, clowns and skunks? Chloe is scared of clowns because they are ugly, have a creepy laugh and she saw a scary story about one once. She will never go to the circus. by Toms

Sarah is scared of the dentist because she might need to get braces. She is also scared of her unusual friend Leah-May because she always shouts at her for no reason. Her favourite artist is Jessie J and she is a huge fan of football – her favourite team is Manchester City. Her favourite TV show is X Factor. Sarah is ten and has a brother and she absolutely loves baking.  by Alisha

The girl who used to be scared of dogs is now terrified of clowns. Her name is Sana and she has an incredible passion about fruits. This girl most certainly loves pop music. She has two brothers but, sadly, has no sisters; she would love someone to play with but, no, she doesn’t. In her inner life, she reveals, she is a star at art. Sana truly is a remarkable role model.  by Melissa

Alisha is scared of the dentist because they pull her teeth out. She is also scared of the doctor because they put needles in your body. She is ten years old and her least favourite subject at school is science because she thinks it’s really boring. She supports Manchester United and loves ice cream. Her favourite colour is green – the same colour as her school uniform.  by Sarah


One comment on “Meet our official reporters …

  1. Kaye Tew
    June 11, 2012

    You sound like an interesting bunch of people. Like Alisha, I’m scared of the dentist but, unlike Yousef, I can’t speak any language other than English, though I wish I could. I don’t like scary films but I love dogs and have two of them. I can’t wait to meet you all next week.

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