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REVIEW: Liz Kessler

LIZ Kessler is a really funny person, she tells you funny stories, says Alisha.

At the Manchester Children’s Book Festival we met Liz Kessler the author of A Year Without Autumn, the Emily Windsnap series and lots more.

Lots of children and adults came to see Liz  – it was amazing. She had a bag full of things from her house and each item represented a question. She said: “People get scared to ask questions so I brought in some things from my house instead.”

She asked a few children to pick things out from the bag: the first thing was a diary or a notebook and she said she takes it everywhere just in case she comes along an idea and then she would write it in her book then,when she was would go home, she would sit there for about 3 hours and try to think of new ideas .

She has her own working times so if her friend said “let’s go out this afternoon” if she hadn’t finished she would refuse and say “no, thank you I need to do my work”.

One of her other items was a box with six dices in them: they all had pictures on them she said when she doesn’t have any ideas she rolls the dice and then she will come up with some new ideas and can add them into her books.

She also told a story when she was a little girl and she sat down one day unsure what she was doing but at the end she came up with a poem and  she showed her mum and then she put it in the the newspaper. She read us the poem but the news paper was all old and and dirty so she said I wont pass it round – but said, “next time I come I will put it in a plastic wallet so I can pass it around”.

She also told us another story about when she was about six and she was in her back yard it was a nice summer day and she was picking daisies for her daisy chain, when she came along a daisy that was so pretty that she wanted to keep it so she went inside and got a box and put her daisy in the box carefully so it wouldn’t break. That she she put it on her windowsill  but when she was about to go to sleep she got scared so she threw her daisy out of her window and when she got older she remembered  that moment and she put it into one of her book.

At the end Liz Kessler said goodbye and she signed lots of books.


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