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REVIEW: Curtis Jobling

CURTIS Jobling, creator of Bob the Builder, is a very funny man, says Toms.

He tells funny jokes and also makes exiting animations on Nickelodeon and CBeebies – like his newest animation Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Curious Cow, Frankenstein’s Cat and children’s favourite Bob the Builder.

While we were there he was teaching people how to draw step by step. His favourite character to draw is spud because he is naughty.

Curtis also wrote the Wereworld books. During the second Curtis Jobling show he told some of his Wereworld stories but that is different.

We got some quotes from people after the show:

Inga Namnice said,  “He talked fast but I loved the show it was great”.

Armands Tafijs said: “ I loved the bit when I got to draw it was awesome”.

Klera Tafija said: “He talked a bit too fast but apart from that I loved it”.


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