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REVIEW: A Day at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival

AT the Manchester Children’s Book Festival there were a huge amount of stalls that were all different, say Green End Primary pupils.

One of the stalls was about making spaceships out of recycled things. You could make a spaceship out of a cleaning bottle and a clothes hanger.

There was another stall were you could make your own badge. To make a badge you would have to decorate and write what you wanted on your badge. Then they would cut the circle out and press it into the metal. After they have finished doing that your badge will be ready.

One of the other things that you could do was making ink pictures. First you would have to choose what picture you want, you would have to put the picture on the paper and then cover it so the ink doesn’t go all over the paper. Then you turn the picture over. After that you have to scrape all the ink and then you have your picture.

One of the best stalls was pizza making, you could choose whatever topping you wanted to put on your pizza. There were different types of cheese like feta and mozzarella and cheddar as well.

Another one of the stalls was smoothie making you could choose which fruits you wanted inside it – we figured out that kiwi and apple are not a good match for a smoothie. You could have apple, raspberry, strawberry and even more.

You could buy books written by the authors that were there you could also get them signed and doodled on.

As part of the zombie infection you could get your face painted for free so then you could go round being a zombie yelling “brains!” and scaring people. You could also get wax on your head to make it look realistic and gross.

There was something for the little children to enjoy because there were different story tellers from different countries telling exiting stories to entertain the children.

You can get there from Burnage by taking the 50 bus so stop by and enjoy it is really fun – and you could get free Soreen malt loaf.


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