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FEATURE: The Worst Thing About My Sister(s)

AUTHOR Jacqueline Wilson’s latest book is called The Worst Thing About My Sister which got young reporter Alan thinking about his sisters.

THE most unusual thing about my three sisters is they can all do something weird that I can’t. For example, my little sister can do a roly poly backwards, my big sister can put her leg over her head and my oldest sister, well, she was read words backwards.

They all like cats but they don’t like dogs – probably because they are scared of them.

My two big sisters are always annoying me. All of them are silly, especially my litte sister. Oh, their names are Shireen, Afrin and Seivin. They are quite funny but not much.

Afrin is my little sister and everyone says that I look like her but I don’t. Seivin is my big sister, but not the oldest. She thinks she’s going to  be rich and that could happen because she is going to be a dentist. She also likes to play tennis. Seivin absolutely hates slimy things. Once I threw a blob of jam at her and she was screaming so loud that everyone came to see. Shireen is the oldest sister and she likes to tickle me; I’m very ticklish so she does it for the fun of it.

Jacqueline Wilson will be at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival on Tuesday, July 3, at 6.30pm at MMU’s Geoffrey Manton Building. For more information and to buy tickets click here.


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