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EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with Festival Directors James Draper and Kaye Tew

Interview with James Draper

WANTING to be in the Star Trek Enterprise when he was younger, James Draper is currently helping with the Manchester Children’s Book Festival.

James Draper is a huge fan of uniforms and spaceships! His most inspiring role models were Skelator, Zippy and Bruce Forsyth.

James can organise festival, he can disco dance and drink red wine.

At the Manchester Children’s Book Festival he wants to see Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson also Michael Rosen who does challenging sessions for adults and entertaining ones for children.

One of his favourite books is Washington Square and his favourite author is Daniel Deronda.

His first temporary job was marking exam papers and his first full time job was an office assistant of archaeology at the University of Manchester.

His favourite sport is diving; he says he probably watches more than does it and he also likes hot pants and pizza.

His brother is a PE teacher, who can also do ballroom dancing and his sister is in MI5. A spy!

He is scared of spiders and losing his sanity.

The three most exciting places James has been are Paris, Hamburg and New York and likes to talk to authors all day long.

James had always had a fascination for parrots when he was young and once got in trouble at school for drawing a parrot.

One thing James does not like is the Olympic Games. James says that if he could shut it down he probably would!

James is an ambitious person who works hard to achieve his goals. by Sana and Alan

Interview with Kaye Tew

KAYE’S most embarrassing moment was when  her dogs a Marley and Sam had a fight and she jumped in to help but her top fell off in front of all her neighbours. She was really embarrassed. Kaye really loves her dogs; she wouldn’t do anything without them.

Kaye’s most favourite movie is A Taste of Honey. She said: “I couldn’t decide but finally I chose this one.”

She loves all types of music so couldn’t decide on a favourite type. When she was young she played the saxophone.

Her most weird thing is that when it is all quiet she will think about anything, like if she was just sitting down she would suddenly think about birds or sofas. Really Weird!

Her hobbies are walking her dogs, sewing and knitting. My teacher wonders if she combines these hobbies and knits her dogs fancy coats. If Kaye had to be an animal she would be a dog because she just loves dogs. If she had to be eaten by any animal she would be eaten by a dog because she wouldn’t want any dog to starve.

Kaye is very nice and funny. She loves spicy food but hates KFC; she doesn’t know why but she just hates KFC.

Kaye used to work as a lady who answered phones and she used to use funny accents.      by Alisha


One comment on “EXCLUSIVE: Interviews with Festival Directors James Draper and Kaye Tew

  1. toms
    June 30, 2012

    i love the i image ive got in my head of kaye knitting a coat for her dog while its chewing on her leg

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