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EXCLUSIVE: An interview with a camel

REPORTERS Sana and Alan interviewed a camel from north west India that can also spit.

The camel can apparently talk on the phone. The owner said the camel could use a phone.

The camel likes zombies and children at the Festival. We asked the camel what he was doing here and he said, “being a camel”.

Camels are known to spit at people and this camel accidentally headbutted a child so we had to find out what sort of camel he was: the camel said he was not sure if he was good or naughty.

His best friend is his faithful owner, who takes him everywhere she goes.

This camel has a colossal attitude. He walked off half way through our interview and ignored the owner who tried to get him to come back.                                                                     by Sana and Alan


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