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REVIEW: Animal Stew

A NEW anthology called Animal Stew has been published as part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival at Manchester Metropolitan University. The collection of short stories is entirely about animals and written and illustrated by students and recent graduates.

Liz Kessler, author of the Emily Windsnap series recently interviewed by the MCBF reporters, said: “As someone who has spent the last decade writing books for children, one of my favourite things is to spot emerging talent in the world of children’s books – and there is plenty of that in this collection.”

The book was co-edited by Iris Feindt of Pandril Press and Helen Sea of Books Are Loud.  Iris said: “It was great to see the stories evolve and grow. From homesick puppies, to book-eating worms, to philosophising goldfish, tap dancing turtles, messy pigs and much, much more there is so much variety. These students are the children’s writers of the future.”

Young reporter Sarah reviewed Animal Stew … and learned you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

“Animal Stew is a great book. It has short stories about a variety of animals by different authors. My favourite story was one called Precious Pearl. It is about a little grey chicken called Pearl. She gets brought into the house by her owner, Anna, and becomes the very first house chicken in the world. Pearl starts laying eggs in unusual places like Anna’s dad’s shoes. As a result she is sent back outside where the other chickens are. Two of the chickens start teasing her about the way she looks. Pearl is upset about this and wants to change her appearance so she looks beautiful. She thinks that by covering herself in mud, grass and berry juice she will look fabulous. Anna notices this and takes her into the house and washes her so she is back to her usual colour and tells Pearl she is beautiful just the way she is.

“I like this story because it tells you that you don’t need to change your appearance just to be popular.”

  • Animal Stew will be on sale at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival during the Family Fun Day on Saturday, June 30, at the Geoffrey Manton Building. The Family Fun Day runs from 10am until 3pm with ticketed and free events.

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