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VOX POPS: Who is reading what in school?

Young reporters Umama, Sarah, Melissa and Chloe embarked on a series of interviews in school to find out who was reading what and why, before asking fellow pupils who and what inspires them.

Which is your favourite book?

Gaida: Secrets because it is very descriptive and detailed.

Sophie: Sleepovers – it has morals which help you throughout your life.

Seineb: The Worst Thing About My Sister because it’s interesting.

Teon: Captain Underpants.

Zayneb: The Wishing Chair because it is very interesting and makes you feel like you’re in the story.

Zainab: Dark Is Rising because it’s interesting and descriptive.

Who is your favourite author?

Gaida: Michal Morpurgo because his stories are interesting.

Zainab: Michael Morpurgo writes with passion.

Jason: Roald Dahl especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Irum: Michael Morpurgo’s stories are good.

Aaron: Adam Blade.

Keisha: Steve Hartley because his books are funny.

Seineb, Zayneb and Zainab all think Jacqueline Wilson is great because they’re real life stories.

Mazen: Francesca Simon and Horrid Henry and the Secret Club is my favourite of her books.

What do you want to be when you’re older?

Gaida: A doctor – because she wants to help people when they’re ill.

Irum: An eye doctor – so she can earn money.

Keisha: A smart person and an accountant.

Seineb: A nurse or doctor – because you get money.

Mazen: A brain surgeon

Aaron: A millionaire.

Haseem: A computer engineer

Zeyneb: A teacher – because she likes kids.

Zainab: A doctor – because it is good to help people.

Sophie: An ICT teacher – because she likes to help children.

Who has inspired you the most in your life?

Gaida: My cousins.

Seinab: My parents and family.

Sophie: My family

Zayneb: My parents and family.

Irum: My mum.


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